Water Back is a song. It is also a grass-roots project.

How it Went at the FERC Hearing October 20, 2011 – My Testimony, by Ekayani Chamberlin

Sri Krsna Caitanya Prabhu Nityananda Sri Adwaita Gadadhara Srivasadi  Gaura Bhakta Vrinda! In the name of the Creator!

My name is Ekayani Chamberlin I  was born in New York City. I love New York. I am affiliated and I represent We Love Water, Green Bus Tour and the Water Back Project- Water Back is a song that’s viral; look it up. I lived here in Greenwich Village for ten years, my Grandmother lived here, my father lived here, my brother lived here,my cousin lived here. Now anyone who has walked through the West Village with its cobble stone streets, historic buildings, boiler breakdowns in the winter, water main breaks, 8th avenue subway, PATH train – We all know that shit is rickety! The west village is historic and we love it but’s fragile so the thought of running a gas pipeline through the village is not logical.


Now I went on, we went on, a We Love Water Tour this summer on the Green Bus and visited so many water ways here in New York state. The Chesapeake Bay Watershed (roar of crowd here!) that goes all the way down to Washington DC, the Twin Rivers up in Binghamptom, the Finger Lakes, The Hudson River, The East River, Jamaica Bay, The Long Island Sound, Croton Resevoir, The Delaware …the water of the Adirondacks, Moose River and so many more that I can’t even name….Make no mistake! New York State is the watershed for the entire Eastern seaboard!

As for this illusion of upstate downstate divide, I love my farmers upstate. They feed me! They feed us!

So am I to believe that five guys: Obama, Markell, Christie, Corbett and Cuomo are qualified to make a decision on the draining and fracking of the Delaware River on November 21st? Really? Five people?  Five people to decide the fate of 21 million? Occupy the Delaware! I say no!

How is it that the Polynesians lived for hundreds of years without generating any garbage? And we are supposed to be more sophisticated than them? Come on.

We are starting CSA’s, Rooftop farming, supporting green initiatives in our communities.

I also conduct a weekly lunchtime meditation in front of Governor Cuomo’s office every Monday from Noon to 1pm at 633 Third Avenue. Take any train to Grand Central and walk over to 41st and Third and join me in raising awareness.

You on the panel need to join us. We New Yorkers are tough! You want to bring this here you are going to have to deal with us. Make no mistake! This pipeline is not going to happen. Over my dead body!


Props to ALL the speakers who gave brilliant testimony. To the lady who read all 936  pages of the Spectra document proposal thank you for pointing out to us that this is not a done deal – Hudson River Park Development Corp, NY Parks and Recreation and one more agency and I believe including Con Ed still has to sign off on this. Raise awareness and put the pressure on to all the people, groups who use the Hudson River Park to run,bike,walk,stroll,sunbathe,picnic there that this is not acceptable.

*To the gentleman who rightly pointed out that this pipeline would be running under the New Jersey Turnpike to run out of the other side of the Hudson River and underneath the Path train and amounts to a bomb that people would be exposed to…Thank You. Anyone who has to ride to Jersey City knows what a mess that stretch is.

*To the man who lives on 15 Street and Tenth Avenue who  gave testimony  that CON ED is on his block every month due to degraded pipeline that is supposed to be the connecting point for this pipeline thank you for illustrating vividly the dangers and fool hardiness of this plan.

* To Mark Ruffallo who brought the issue down to a humane one for those who sat on the panel to really think about what it would be like to turn on their faucet and not be able to drink the water and reminded the panel of their own children and loved ones THANK YOU.

* To Gabrielle Engh of Sane Energy Project who single-handedly raised awareness about this project thank you for your tireless work and helping to fill that auditorium with 200 – 300 people.

* For everyone from Occupy Wall Street who marched up and spoke thank you!

* For all the residents of the West Village who made it very real about their discomfort about living in an area slated to be besieged by this pipeline thank you.

Kindly download, sign and send your letter in before October 31 at http://www.SaneEnergyProject.org



The weir or trap originally designed by some Native American who was a genius. It is an eel trap that uses nothing but stone and a bit of wood. It’s design does nothing to disturb the flow of water, creates a beautiful triangle. Was just fascinated how they figured this one out. Keen observers of nature. One needs skills to live in the hills. We need to learn. I am a lifelong veggie but was nonetheless amazed by the simplicity and sophistication of design.

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Chemtrails are not good

There are too many things to protest in our world today.  It is time to focus on raising our spiritual awareness and vibration, LOVE.  This is the only means of defense against those who wish to manipulate our minds, our governments and Mother Nature.

Here we see TARP program chem-trails disrupting Mother Nature’s weather pattern.  Don’t hate the players or the game.  Love this world, each other and ourselves.

If you are undecided on if you think manipulating the weather is a good thing or not, here’s an interesting little tidbit.  Chemtrails have been proven to include aluminum.  Nature’s seeds don’t grow in soil with too much aluminum.  But, Monsanto’s Genetically Modified (GMO) seeds do!

This shit is too crazy to even make up, yet someone has….

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Water Back on the Hudson with Sri and Truth



Water Back on the Hudson with Sri and Truth

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New Post from Holy Waters

Hey there all you water lovers!

Check out this post written by Diana Rico out of Taos, New Mexico.  She highlighted the Water Back Project in her blog, Holy Waters.  Thanks for the support, Diana!  And thanks to Ekayani and Miss Bliss for setting this up!






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The Truth of Freedom Manifesto

History exists as fact, otherwise known as truth and does not exist for the purpose of allowing us to judge, but rather to understand.  We must first become aware of the truth in order for us to become able to learn that which is intended for us to learn.  Judgment gets in the way of our purpose, our ability to learn and therefore grow and evolve because we are not capable of moving from or through judgment, but rather we can only evolve through truth and the knowledge that comes from acceptance and understanding.  To truly understand means to accept and appreciate ourselves and those souls that took part in creating our history.

We must reject the two greatest lies that the enemy has successfully integrated into our psyche which we have come to accept as truth.  These are the ideas of Separateness from one another and nature itself and the Lack of Abundance or a limit to the resources available to us as individuals and as a species.

The idea that we are somehow separate from the earth leads to the natural progression of the same idea that we are separate from each other.  That belief of separation leads to competition, man versus nature, the white man versus the red man, east versus west, one false government against the other.  We must rather always concern our ourselves with improving our own efforts and their results while avoiding any attempt to out-do others.

Our ability to see connectedness leads to our understanding of abundance, seeing beyond the physical plane to knowing all things as being one.  A rock is the same as a flower.  A woman is the same as a man.  Water is not separate from fire or air.  When we look at the forms of life from this perspective we are not limited to the images or false reality that can be seen by the naked eye.  When we are not limited  by the resources of our physical environment as seen by the naked eye we free ourselves from all limitations and open our perception to true abundance. The true resources available to our creativity are all that can be imagined and ultimately unlimited.

The Truths for which we pledge and commit:

1.       We are like and part of the ultimate and highest source of creation

2.       Our responsibility for having accepted our creation is to create.

3.       The result of all creation creating is abundance

4.       The result of abundance is evolution.

5.       Abundant evolution completes the circle of life and brings us back to the beginning of creation and reunites us with the original source of life.

Disclaimer: I have attempted to create no original thought in this post.  Blessings.

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May 21st Update

Things are going very well for the Water Back Project.

Keep up with The Water Back Project Players on tour at:


The Gasland screening on Sunday at Branded Saloon was a success that garnished some “Blog Love” see link:


Truth Now and The Aposoul at Branded

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WATER BACK Project News from Times Square +New Versions + Brooklyn Screenings+ Green Bus Tour

It’s Ekayani & Raymond  sending you all love and an update on the goings on with the Water Back Project. Things are moving fast! Last week was an exciting one for the Water Back Project as there were three days of back to back events for Earth Day New York. Raymond sang WATERBACK to great appreciation at  Times Square, Planet Heart Meta Center, Grand Central Station. And please DO forward!


We are now teamed up with the Green Bus Tour + Artists Ashram  + NYH20  A list of upcoming events for MAY – JUNE  in this bulletin… but first this is what’s up for  NEXT WEEK!  

GASLAND is Coming to BROOKLYN,  MAY 3rd – The Award winning documentary is being screened at 9PM at SODA Bar in Brooklyn 629 Vanderbilt Avenue . WATER BACK Project is now in partnership thanks to  NYH20 as part of their weekly movie night! Take Q to 7 Avenue or 2/3 to Bergen. Food and Drink. $5 suggested.
 Get on the Green Bus! May 2 to Albany Depart 16 St and Union Square West by the e Shop at 7:30 AM  Water Back project is going on the road with the Green Bus Tour Ride up to Albany and back with the Artists. Limited Seating Please Reserve you spot by emailing Charlie Gonzalez at charlie.gonzalez@gmail.com $25 RT – Feeling generous? Sponsor an Artist for $25.00 Seating Limited to 35.

Meagan Perry walked into the studio late last week and finished her graceful piano driven version of Water Back. Debuted live in Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central station for Earth Day New York! Listen to Meagan’s version here: http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/8370183

Meagan is from Cape Code  and grew up near water. We can hear that….

DEF JAM artist AZitiZ  is from New Orleans and lived through Hurricane Katrina.
She debuted her version of WATER BACK at the Lovin Cup @ May 2 showcase.
Guest appearances by  SriKala G Truth Now & Raymond Norwood.
AzItIz has a new album coming out and has just been featured in True Magazine (p.28)



 Saturday MAY 7, BROOKLYN  11am-5PM – We Can Green Brooklyn Eco-fair

2530 Church Ave @ Bedford

Green Bus Stage with Water Ceremony and performances by featured artists: Zion Judah & Deep Theta 7, GTruthNow, Hired Gun, Optimus Tribe, the Flowdown & The  Water Back Project with Raymond Norwood
– Join us in the health and illumination tent
– Tribal Marketplace by Lunara
– Vegetarian cuisine by JP & Charlie of Green Bus Catering

PHILADELPHIA Sunday May 8  9 AM-7PM  – Green Fest
Hop on the Green Bus for a day on Market St. in Philly, featuring live music by Dynasty Electric, the Flowdown & the Didge Project. Lunch included, fun guaranteed. www.GreenBusTour.com

PRINCETON NJ  Sunday 5/15, 11a-11p – Sacred Sweat Lodge
The Green Bus will provide round-trip transport from Union Square to the lodge-house; leaving @ 11am, outside the Coffee Shop Bar @ 16th St & Union Sq West.
– Traditional Inipi sweat led by Alokananda and Matt K.
– Pot-Luck Dinner
– Song-circle and celebration

 BROOKLYN  GASLAND 5/15  Screening + LIVE MUSIC for WATER BACK Project Players!!!

4 – 10pm at Branded Saloon 603 Vanderbilt Avenue Brooklyn NY Want in? Bands SUBMIT to play!

Write Raymond.Norwood for more info!

BALTIMORE – Friday & Saturday 5/20 – 5/21 – Karmafest  10am-10pm
– 5/20 1p Green Bus departs from NYC. Possible event in Baltimore then overnight stay
– Healing Temple & Tribal Market
– Drum Circle & Performances by Dynasty Electric w/The Flowdown, Telesma & more.

Staten Island NYC 5/22, 12p-8p – Art by the Ferry, St George
The Green Bus will be present with the Artist Ashram and a Water Altar.
– Performances by featured artists: Dynasty Electric w/The Flowdown, Water Back Project, GTruthNow, and Zion Judah & Deep Theta 7


JUNE –  

EAST VILLAGE USA 6/4-6/5 –  Underground Howl! Fest produced by Shell Sheddy

 Locations and Times TBA with Water Back project & Raymond Norwood, Ekayani and the Tom Glide Space, Trystette and Bobbi Rae

– another day on Market St with the Green Bus & live music coinciding with the Evolver Convergence weekend.

EAST CHATHAM/NEW LEBANON  NY June 10-12 Galiana Grand Opening WOW! 

in the Berkshires outside Albany, NY
Please join us for the Galiana Grand Opening – a weekend full of practice, music, dancing, speeches, fire circles, kirtan, ceremonies & sharing.
– Grand Ceremony Saturday night with Alan Steinfeld, Anton Richard Diaz, Bruce Lyon, Shakara Lyon, SriKala, Ananda Mukti, Green Bus Goddess Tour, Ekayani & the Tom Glide Space, Laurie Handlers, Isis Phoenix, Janet Morgan, Natasha Blank and Trinity & Water Back Project

CONEY ISLAND USA 6/18  Coney Island Mermaid parade
Jump in or climb on the bus for a magical mystery tour of the Coney Island Boardwalk and beach at this legendary celebration of the ocean. Green Bus performers will take the roof-stage, and the fun is capped off with the Mermaid Ball that night.


Green Bus Tour is a growing community project out to inspire a culture of conscious living through creative collaboration and by promoting a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Our mission is to empower people to become more conscious consumers and participants in building community. www.greenbustour.com

Water Back Project: Water Back is a song. It’s also a grass-roots project done in collaboration with Green Bus Tour aimed at getting artists involved in spreading the word about the dire need for us all, individually and as a species, to protect our water. The goal of the project is getting more and more artists to do their own Water Back song, making it their own using as much or as little of the original as each artist desires. Current recordings of the song can be found and downloaded at reverbnation.com/raymondnorwoodlive


Artist Ashram is an artistic haven which nurtures innovation by finding that inner space where creativity is allowed to flow most freely. In the Artist Ashram, participants may experience deeper levels of listening, extended periods of inspiration, constant streams of innovation thereby manifesting a broader sense of imagination. The objective is to allow each participant to explore his or her true authentic self. http://www.artistashram.com

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Water Back Project

Water Back is a song. It’s also a grass-roots project aimed at getting artists involved in spreading the word about the dire need for us all, individually and as a species, to protect our water.

Artists/Bands: The song is an anthem the be sung by us all, written from a personal perspective with the aim of taking personal action. The goal of the project is getting more and more artist to do their own version, making it their own using as much or as little of the original as each artist desires. In this way speaking directly to their audience while at the same time contributing to the viral effect.
Current recordings of the song can be found and downloaded here.

We would like artists to:
1) record their version of the song, post it to their web sites and send us the MP3 file so we can post it on ours.
2) record a video of themselves performing the song, post it to YouTube Channel raymondnorwoodlive and send us the link
3) play the song at their performances, whether it’s a stadium or it’s at your house with your friends family and talk about the dangers of hydro-fracking
4) send people to:

The Water Back Project is scheduling benefit events throughout the 5 Burros of NYC. These events will include representation and honored speakers from the grass-roots organizations and political leaders who support a ban on fracking, especially when done near water. All artist/bands who contribute to the project by submitting a version of the song will be considered to participate in these events with live performances. Each performance will include 3-4 original songs as well their version of Water Back.

The goal of these events would be to get as many artists/bands as possible to submit their version of the song, have them bring their fans out and perform the song thereby spreading the word and engaging their fan base community.

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